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BBS Marketing Group is a marketing and lead generation firm that specializes in serving sales organizations. We work with clients to develop a pipeline of immediate, short and long term opportunites to drive niche and practice growth. We focus on lead generation through telemarketing campaigns, website design, development and search engine optimizations. We work with firm management to develop several lead generation methods using traditional targeted marketing, new digital/social media methods as well as direct marketing programs.

Dominate Your Market


BBS Marketing Group provides businesses with mulpiple solutions to reach their target market creatively and effectivley. An exceptional product or service cannot sustain a business by itself.

Strong marketing initiatives drive awareness, the first step in obtaining a sale. Businesses must emphasize the expert execution of the first step to allow a sales team to excel.

Services Overview

Our lead generation services serve a variety of industries, including Business Training, Security, Financial Services and Insurance.

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